A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y


Vowel digraphs

When two vowels are side by side and make only one sound they are called digraphs.  A popular saying for vowel digraphs is, "When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. 

*Though most digraphs are made using two vowels together with the first vowel making its long vowel sound, oo is also considered a digraph. (ex. food, stood, book, look) 

(Bear, 2000)

Cute videos for vowel digraphs!

Some vowel digraph activities

ea and ee
Each student gets a brown piece of construction paper and another of their choosing.  The students will be making ice cream cones, so they will need to cut a cone shape out of the brown paper and two circles out of the alternate color.  Students will glue these together.  Then students will trace their feet on a white piece of paper, cut out, and tape side by side.  The teacher will then randomly call out ee and ea words.  Students must try to write all ea words on the ice cream and all ee words on the feet.  (Lewis, 2005)

all digraphs
You can have students play a vowel digraph board game in centers.  Printable game and directions can be found at:

Online games with r-controlled vowels